Dangerous Drugs

Unfortunately, there are many drugs on the market which are inherently dangerous. Many have not received FDA approval but are being sold in health food stores and by organic retailers. Many more FDA-approved drugs were not adequately tested for side effects before being made available to the public. Even if a drug has since been taken off the shelves, parties who have been injured by those drugs are still entitled to compensation.

In a competitive industry, many pharmaceutical companies tend to focus more on marketing their products (profit generation) than on the risks and severe side effects associated with the drugs they manufacture. As a result of the inadequacy in research and development, many people who take their drugs suffer severe pain and adverse side effects that all too often leads to devastating outcomes and even death.

If you have taken a pharmaceutical drug and have suffered severe side effects, you may have grounds to bring a product liability lawsuit to seek recovery for your injuries. In a pharmaceutical products liability lawsuit, the plaintiff must first prove the drug is defective and that you nor your prescribing physician were properly warned of the defect.

Click the links below for additional information on some drugs that have resulted in severe or adverse side effects. If you have taken any of the following dangerous drugs or any drug that has resulted in severe or adverse side effects, you should call our Dangerous Drug Lawyers to see how they can help protect your legal rights and interests.











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