Yaz and Yasmin, two of the most widely used birth control pills in the United States, have had devastating side effects on some women who have taken this dangerous drug. These popular drugs may have caused thousands of women to suffer life-threatening injuries like heart attacks, pulmonary emoblisms, blood clots and strokes.
Yaz and Yasmin have generated about $2 billion dollars in sales for its principle manufacturer, Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals. Early evidence suggests Bayer failed to fully research the side effects of these birth control pills and warn women who may have taken Yaz or Yasmin. Instead, Bayer focused on aggressively marketing Yaz and Yasmin without taking proper or appropriate precautions to ensure consumer safety. As a result, the FDA ordered Bayer to make corrections regarding their deceptive advertisements and practices concerning the dangerous drugs. Bayer’s original advertisements for Yaz and Yasmin prescription drugs claimed that the drugs were great for birth control, acne problems and premenstrual syndrome. In reality, based on scientific studies and case reports, Yaz and Yasmin only helped certain kinds of acne and did nothing to treat Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

Serious Risks

Serious and devastating effects that may occur after taking Yaz or Yasmin include deep vein blood clots, stroke, pulmonary embolism (clot in lungs), heart attack and death.

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